Wednesday, March 11, 2009

June 9, 2004

Brik (my boy) is 1 month old.He has been the easiest baby yet. He is so mellow & really only cries when he's hungry or tired.
Look at that double chin already!

June 6, 2004

Brik's blessing day. Not so excited.
Brik was blessed in our Marsing 2nd Ward by his Dad.

Brik & Evka. They were both blessed on the same day.

Rylee, Brik & Evka.

June 1, 2004

Brik's first smile.

What a cute little boy!

May 27, 2004

Brik's first bath. He really liked it. This was the same bath all the older girls used when they were babies. Grandma Pearl Hadlock gave it to me before Mackenzie was born.
Time to wrap up. I made Brik this blue hooded bath towell. He still uses it now.

May 12, 2004

Brik was born really close to two other cousins, Evka & Rylee. Grandma Connie called them the triplets. She bought them all these p.j.'s that matched. Rylee, Evka & Brik

Why is it always my kid crying?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

May 2004

Shane was loving having another boy in the house. How sweet! And what a good little baby.
Time for a nap with Dad.

Brik & Shane

May 9, 2004

Brik Shane Royce was born May 9th 2004 in Boise Idaho at St. Lukes Hospital (downtown). We were so excited to have a boy finally. I thought I was in labor and by the time we got to the hospital my contractions stopped. Dr. Klomp let me stay and walk around & induced me when he came in. I was so big with him compared to the girls that I was beyond ready to deliver him. I remember his shoulders felt so much bigger than the girls as I pushed him out. He looked alot like Oakley did, except his hands were huge!

My first time holding Brik.

Shane got to hold his first & maybe only son.

Grandma Dawn holding Brik.

Grandma Connie & Grandpa Layne with Brik.

Me & Brik...........Lyndsee & Evka
Time to get wheeled out of this hospital. The girls loved the idea of a brother!